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Standing Committee on Physician Office Systems (POS)

Todays Date
1 -Mission

The mission of the CHITTA Standing Committee on Physician Office Systems is to foster, nurture and promote the use of information and communication technology tools by practicing physicians and their staff in a private office or clinic setting in order to:

  1. Enhance the effective and safe delivery of care to their patients.
  2. Minimize the use of overhead resources to manage their practices.
  3. Improve the quality of life for patients and physicians physicians and their staff
  4. Effectively communicate and share information with the healthcare delivery system and government in a manner consistent with ethical practice and prevailing principles and policies in respect to security, privacy and confidentiality.

2 - Objectives

    1. To increase the size of the Physicianhysician Office System market through promoting the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to physicians, healthcare professionals, associations, government, and the consumer of health services
    2. To present a unified industry voice and consultation vehicle for government, associations and policy makers.
    3. To promote and facilitate the establishment of functionality standards, conformance testing and certification processes, including privacy and security issues, so as to facilitate a "level playing field" for POS vendors predicated on quality assurance for the marketplace.
    4. To establish clear definitions as to the constituent components of an EMR and functions associated with physicianhysician office practice management systems.
    5. To monitor and report on the demographics and growth of the POS vendor community and its constituent marketplace for publication by CHITTA.
    6. To provide resources to stakeholders demonstrating cost effectiveness and efficacy of the use of ICTs within the physician community.
    7. To ensure the development of secure electronic sharing of patient information (with appropriate patient and physician consent) between vendor systems through the use of Canadian interoperability standards.
    8. To facilitate and support the marketing of the Canadian POS vendor community within Canada and abroad.

3 - Membership

Membership in the Standing Committee on POS is limited to members of CHITTA in good standing whose business activities relate directly to:

    1. The provision of application software to the POShysician community, and/or
    2. The provision of technology infrastructure in support of Physicianhysician Office Systems and their interoperability within the healthcare delivery system, and

The committee may invite affiliate and associate members with a demonstrable direct professional interest to sit on the committee in an observer capacity.

4 - Governance and Structure

1. Officers

    1. Officers of the Standing Committee on POS shall be two co-chairs as appointed by the Board.
    2. Additional officers may be determined and selected by members of the Standing Committee as deemed appropriate.
2. Project Teams

Where CHITTA enters into an agreement with a third party, or upon the approval of a proposal by the Standing Committee, the Committee may establish a "Project Team" to facilitate the deliverables of the agreement or proposal. The following general guidelines apply:

    1. The deliverables of the Project shall be formally articulated and accepted by the Board of CHITTA
    2. Membership of the Project Team shall generally consist of members of the Standing Committee on POS, notwithstanding the foregoing, the Standing Committee may temporarily invite other CHITTA members to join the Project Team for specific tasks or purposes where deemed appropriate.
    3. The leadership of the Project Team shall be appointed, as circumstances require.
    4. The Project Team may solicit and engage non-members of CHITTA to act as Respondents to the Project Team in order to facilitate broad industry-wide consultation.

5 - General

    1. The conditions of membership and ethical and other considerations and responsibilities, as promulgated in the CHITTA policy on Standing Committees, shall apply.
    2. Subject to the approval of the Board, the committee may expand the scope of its constituents to include other healthcare providers in a private office or clinic setting such as:
      1. Dentists
      2. Chiropractors
      3. Physiotherapists
      4. Psychologists, and
      5. Other like professionals

Approved, CHITTA Board, October 17, 2002

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