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Definition Of Revenue

Todays Date

The fees for Members of CHITTA are based on the total revenue generated by the Member within the healthcare industry.

1 - Revenue Calculation

For the purposes of calculating that revenue, the following definition applies:

  1. Revenue generated from the sale or provision of the Member’s products, services and support anywhere in the world to healthcare clients or customers.
  2. The scope of healthcare clients includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Government departments at all levels responsible for healthcare
    2. Crown corporations or similar bodies responsible for healthcare or healthcare IT
    3. The healthcare delivery system including but not limited to:
      1. Regional health authorities and integrated delivery systems
      2. Hospitals, Health Centres, physician offices, private and public diagnostic and treatment clinics and facilities.
      3. Public, community health and home care services
      4. Extended and long-term facilities including Nursing homes, hospices, etc.
    4. Other companies associated with:
      1. Retail sales of healthcare products
      2. The provision of knowledge-based systems and knowledge data bases, websites or other forms of health-related information
      3. Research activities in healthcare, biomedical informatics, genomics or pharmaceuticals
    5. Academic medical centres, including University departments of medicine, public health etc.
    6. Professional and other associations representing healthcare practitioners
    7. Insurance companies provided healthcare coverage

2. Revenue Reporting

For the purposes of reporting revenue as defined above, the following applies:

  1. Revenues generated from Canadian clients
  2. Revenues generated from US Clients
  3. Revenues generated from other foreign clients.
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