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The Benefits of Membership
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- a long-term value proposition - with an immediate short-term ROI

CHITTA is THE national trade association for the Canadian Healthcare ICT sector working in collaboration with other agencies, associations and governments at all jurisdictional levels.

CHITTA's members - Canadian Healthcare ICT companies, multi-sector companies, and multi-national healthcare vendors operating in Canada - all have a common purpose:

  • To raise the bar on the Canadian Healthcare ICT marketplace
  • To grow the market to create a profitable environment within which to do business
  • To facilitate the export of their products and services

CHITTA has provided its members and the Canadian Healthcare ICT vendor community many opportunities to gain positive exposure to the marketplace:

  • The eHealth Conference
    • Beginning in 2005, the CHITTA's Canadian Healthcare ICT vendor community is hosting the Social Night for the conference including both the dinner and the Blues Nite held that evening.
    • As a CHITTA member, you receive a 10% discount on your participation as a Major Sponsor or Sponsor of the night.
    • Only CHITTA members have access to supporter opportunities.
  • The Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition (www.himss.org)
    • The "Canadian Reception @t HIMSS"
      • Offers Patron, Sponsorship, and Co-sponsorship opportunities
      • As a CHITTA member, you receive a 10% discount on your participation.
      • Only CHITTA members and Pavilion exhibitors are entitled to purchase branded Reception packages including Invitations and complimentary refreshment tickets.
    • The Canadian Pavilion @ HIMSS
      • Offers value-added exhibit opportunities
      • As a CHITTA member, your booth price is discounted by 10%.
  • Exposure through CHITTA and COACH's "Official Journal"
    Through our relationship with Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada:
    • Participants in these and other "CHITTA Events" get wide exposure through 4 colour ads printed on behalf of CHITTA in applicable issues of the magazine.
    • For example, the "CHITTA @ HIMMS" (2005) and "EHealth 2005 Nite Out"

CHITTA's Official Journal
CHITTA's Official Journal is Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada www.hcccinc.com the magazine has been continuously published since 1987; it has an approximate circulation of 5,000. Through our arrangements with "Healthcare"

CHITTA members:
  • Subscriptions
    • CHITTA members and their employees are entitled to a discount of 20% of the prevailing subscription rate.
  • Advertising
    • CHITTA members are entitled to a 15% discount on published rates for:
    • Display advertising
    • Classified advertising
    • Insertions
    • Other advertising products with some exceptions
  • Press Releases
    • The magazine offers an online press release service for their On-Line NEWS

CHITTA members have already benefited from participation in:
  • Organized consultations to influence policy and decision makers around standards, architecture, and solution ICT requirements
  • Networking with niche healthcare ICT players for partnership opportunities
  • Pre-competitive discussion forums around large-scale projects
  • Access to market research and competitive landscape
  • Representation on the Standards Council of Canada
  • Representation on ISO Working Committee TC 215
  • Representation on the Canada Health Infoway Standards Advisory Committee and it's Working Groups
    • CeRex
    • Client Registry
    • Provider Registry
    • EHRS Blueprint Evolution (EBE)
    • Privacy & Security Architecture (PSA)
  • CHITTA Facilitates vendor participation

CHITTA continues to provide leadership to facilitate true vendor participation in Alberta with respect to:

  • Physician Office Systems Vendor Conformance & Usability Requirements (POSP/VCUR)
  • Roll-out of the provincial EHR strategy
  • Architecture definition and review
  • Members serving on a variety of advisory committees and working groups
  • . . . enabling vendors to be meaningful participants in the process, and a necessary component of the solution. Elements of this unique model are already moving to other provinces with boundless opportunities for the future.

The investment of YOUR membership and time will provide us with the resources to make it happen!


...Strengthening Canada's Healthcare ICT Industry