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The Canadian healthcare system is part of the "Canadian Identity"; it’s a part of what makes Canada… Canada. Annual Canadian healthcare expenditures exceed $112 Billlon – 9.8% of our GDP. We are renowned worldwide for our innovation, research and advanced technologies - the most "wired country in the world".

Today, Canadian healthcare organizations spend less than 2% of their operating budget on ICT each year. Through the implementation of provincial and other EHR initiatives such as Canada Health Infoway, this is expected to grow by 0.5% in the coming year, and to north of 4% over the next few years. In the words of Mazankowski "We must move healthcare from a 19th century cottage industry to a 21st century service industry."

CHITTA believes that the Canadian healthcare Information and Communications Technology industry can and should – even, must – play a responsible, responsive, cooperative and leading role in this transition.

A brief history…

The concept of CHITTA was developed in late 2001 leading to its "creation’ by a dedicated group of CEOs and senior executives of leading Canadian companies providing products and services to the Canadian healthcare community in April, 2002. Their firms represent a broad spectrum of ICT services to an equally broad spectrum of Canada’s healthcare delivery system and its supporting infrastructure. Health Canada was also represented in this founding group.

Guiding Principles…

  1. That Members working within CHITTA act in a pre-competitive manner - represent the industry as a whole not special interests or their specific companies.
  2. That the Board of CHITTA strives to maintain an "open" policy in respect to the conduct of CHITTA business.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To increase market share for Canadian healthcare ICT companies both nationally and internationally.
  2. To increase the size of the healthcare ICT market through promoting the Industry’s value as an integral component of health systems to healthcare professionals, government, and the consumer of health services
  3. To catalogue, monitor and report on the industry and the companies therein.
  4. To establish an "image of excellence" and quality assurance in the industry through the promotion of standards and certification processes.
  5. To facilitate collaboration among and between Canadian ICT companies, governments, healthcare delivery providers and scientific, research and educational institutions.
  6. To present a unified industry voice and consultation vehicle for government, policy and investment decision makers.

" As an Association we need to focus our collective efforts on growing the size of the pie for Canadian companies. The quality of each company’s products and corporate strengths will determine the relative size of the slices."

…David Wattling, Founding Chair, CHITTA

To join CHITTA and participate in its activities please go to our Membership section.

...Strengthening Canada's Healthcare ICT Industry

To join CHITTA and participate in its activities please go to our Membership section.