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From time to time, the POSP program and Alberta WellNet provide CHITTA with documents that pertain to the Conformance Testing process. These documents are freely circulated through CHITTA’s distribution lists as they are received.

They are maintained on this website for easy access.

  • Information sheet - Vendor/Physician sign off on Advice and Sign Off Document - March 2, 2004
    These provide information on the VCUR requirements for the Vendors Policies and Advice and the document used to confirm that these requirements have been met. (PDF Document)
  • Third-Party Accreditations - December 9, 2003
    This defines the process for vendors to receive confirmation of billing accreditation (PDF document)
  • Laboratory Test Results Delivery (LTRD) Accreditation - 23 December, 2003
    This document contains information for vendors in respect to receiving LTDR accreditation for VCUR conformance (PDF Document)
  • VCUR Question & Answer Log - 28 October 2003 (PDF Document)
  • VCUR Question & Answer Log - 31 July 2003 (PDF Document )
  • VCUR Question & Answer Log - 19 June 2003(PDF Document)
    • This document contains questions posed in respect to VCUR requirements, and the clarification response.
    • Note that representatives of CHITTA’s POS Standing Committee have reviewed all responses.
    • Please note that an example provided in the response should not be interpreted as the requirement; it is an example only.
  • Minimum Technical Requirements — Prerequisites to Implement EHR, PIN, PPHI, and LTHR (PDF Document, issued July 8, 2003)
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