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2006 VCUR Task Force Report

Todays Date

We are pleased to be able to provide you with the Vendor Conformance and Usability Requirements (VCUR) 2006.  These requirements are the result of a significant consultative process in which all stakeholders collaborated to consider the learnings of VCUR 2004, build upon the successes and establish an enhanced set of requirements for vendors of physician office systems.   This process was undertaken through the auspices of the VCUR 2006 Task Force.

The requirements are contained in the VCUR 2006 Final Report, which is presented in two volumes and are supplemented by appendices:

For your convenience POSP has also provided the vendor community with:

This document is intended to assist vendors of currently conforming products and other interested parties in identifying the new and revised requirements in VCUR 2006 and cross-referencing them to VCUR 2004 requirements. 

The detailed requirements for physician office systems and a glossary of terms used are included in Appendix One.  While most of the requirements in VCUR 2006 will come into effect on April 1, 2006, a number of dependencies are noted in Appendix One and summarized in Appendix Two.  These dependencies are generally beyond the scope or direct control of the POSP committee, but they must be present for a requirement to be met. Many of these dependencies relate to EMR/EHR integration. 

The scope of VCUR 2006 was broadened to include vendor credentials and stability; however further work is required before these requirements can be included in Appendix One.  Once they are finalized, these requirements will be distributed through CHITTA.

The conformance testing scripts for VCUR 2006 will be available in the fall.

POSP and CHITTA extend our sincere appreciation to the physician office system vendors who participated in VCUR 2006.  The VCUR process is unique in Canada and it works because all of the stakeholders - physicians, clinic managers, vendors, regional health authorities, and Alberta Health and Wellness - come to the table prepared to collaborate and build consensus.  The result is a set of requirements that both reflects the needs of the stakeholders involved and continues the important work underway in Alberta to build an integrated health information system.

Questions may be directed to the SIPS Team at the POSP Office.  (780) 452-1616.

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