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Board Policy: Standing Committees

Todays Date
  1. Policy
  2. The Board may authorize the establishment of Standing Committees from time to time where it deems that such a committee is consistent with the objectives of the Association:

    1. At the Board’s behest, or
    2. In response to a specific market need; or
    3. In response to a proposal by members of the Association.
    4. The Board shall review each Standing Committee every two years as to relevancy and activity and endorse the Committee’s continuance or otherwise.
  3. Ethical Considerations
  4. Standing Committee members shall have an obligation to act in the best interests of the industry, and shall not use the Committee as a platform to advance their particular company; violation of this principle shall be grounds for termination of membership on the Committee

  5. Constituents
  6. Standing Committees may consist of members

    1. Representing an Industry Sector within the CHITTA membership for issues specific to that segment or sub-segment of the industry, or
    2. Cross-sectors of the membership with a mandate to deal with cross-industry issues.
  7. Purposes
  8. The purpose of Standing Committees may include, but is not restricted to:

    1. Provide a unified industry "voice" to Government and other agencies on specific issues of concern
    2. Act as a conduit for government or other agencies to consult with industry
    3. The development of Certification standards for product functionality and content in collaboration with other stakeholders
    4. Promoting Canadian ICT products and services within Canada and abroad.
    5. The Mission, Goals and Objectives of each Standing Committee shall be established and be approved by the Board of CHITTA.
  9. Membership and Organization
    1. The membership of Standing Committees is restricted to representatives of Full Members in good standing of the Association
    2. A Standing Committee shall be co-chaired by representatives of two members who are not affiliated with one another
    3. The Board may require that a current member of the board be a member or a co-chair.
    4. Offices other than the two co-chairs may be determined by the committee membership at its discretion
    5. The Chair of the Board and the CEO of CHITTA shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees
  10. Reporting
  11. The co-chairs of all standing committees shall:

    1. Prepare an annual report for presentation at the CHITTA annual meeting
    2. Report periodically to the Board or Executive Committee as requested.
  12. Support
  13. CHITTA will provide such administrative support as is agreed upon through a negotiated budget process

  14. Expenses

The expenses incurred by member’s representatives in the conduct of the Standing Committee’s business shall be borne by the member unless otherwise specifically agreed upon.

Board Meeting August 2, 2002

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